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Avalon Trading Co.

John of God

and the Miracles of Casa Stones

by Digby Bertram

John of God is perhaps the most powerful healer on the planet at this time. He has helped more than 30 million people of all faiths and walks of life.

The Casa De Dom Inacio is located in Abidiana Brazil and is a spiritual healing center open to all. The Casa serves as a point of contact, a vortex of powerful energies that assist in transformation, healing and spiritual growth that is divine, miraculous and unlimited.

The Casa crystals and stones carry the frequency of healing that John of God channels. Within them is the energy of unlimited possibility and transformation.

Two years ago I first encountered this energy while selecting high vibrational unset gems at Heaven and Earth in Vermont––the jewelry made by my spiritual family. As I experienced the incredible energies of Moldavite, Phenacite, Petalite and Danburite I suddenly came across the Casa stones. As I picked them up, I was immediately struck with a feeling of love and an energy that was the strongest I had ever felt from the mineral kingdom. An overwhelming sense of gratitude for the gift of life overtook me and I felt the presence of Angels and loving spirit guides all around me.

I asked the staff at Heaven and Earth, “Who is this John of God?” and was shown the book John of God by Heather Cummings and Karen Leffler. This book is wonderful and is very inspiring. It recounts the life story of of Joaa Texeira de Faria who came to known as John of God. At the age of twelve, he started his mission when St. Rita worked through him as he started performing miraculous healings.

He is a humble man, who with has devoted his life to the service of God and man. In trance he is able to channel healing entities who facilitate transformation and spiritual healing. John of God takes no credit for the healing. He has said, “I have never healed anyone. God heals.”

After experiencing this powerful energy from the Casa Stones, I felt inspired to share this energy with the world. I envisioned them being able to connect with people though their use in beautiful jewelry. I wanted my spiritual family who I have worked with for twenty-five years creating one of a kind hand crafted gemstone jewelry to incorporate these powerful stones into special jewelry designs.

I was amazed at how quickly these original pieces sold as people experienced their powerful energy. My next vision was to ask Paul Jenson, who creates Vogel Jewelry to combine the Casa Stones with his high energy gemstone jewelry. The synergistic effect of combining the Vogel power cuts with the Casa stones created a new level of healing and transformation.

We introduced them at Serenity Now, a holistic healing center in Palm Harbour, Florida. This store is very close to the location in Clearwater where Mother Mary appeared and is a vortex of love and healing. Staff and customers started to tell us of the miracles they experienced.

Julie, an employee of Serenity Now, had never felt the energy of stones before. After wearing the John of God pendants she has been healed of lower back pain and lupus enabling her to now work full time after many year of chronic pain.

“The John of God energies have completely changed my life and given me a passionate life purpose. I have received physical, spiritual and emotional healing from simply wearing the very high vibration pendant.”

Julie tells how the John of God stones brought many kinds of miracles, to people even if they had not experienced the power of stones before. “I gifted a John of God stone with chlorite (which is known to be a money draw) to the manager of a new store in the plaza where I work. He was sharing the ‘tales’ of John of God stones with an employee who was holding the stone in the prayer position as instructed.

Although the employee exclaimed his disbelief, he won $9,000 that night in the lotto. Anothe woman, a customer, won $500 the night she held the stone even though she had never won anything before. The next week she won again. This time $5,000. We have found that approximately 90% of customers who have never experienced the energy of stones feel it in the John of God stones.”

Brooke Anthony the co owner of Serenity Now shared another amazing miracle. One of her clients, a Harvard trained surgeon on active duty in the United States Army, is sent with medical relief teams to disasters all over the world. When the earthquake hit in Haiti she spend over two months working seven days a week providing medical care.

This doctor was drawn to the energy of the John of God and purchased a pendant to wear. Two months later her teenage daughter faced a healing crisis that threatened her life. A resistant staph infection resulted in the doctors recommend the amputation of her below the elbow as the only possible way to save her life.

Out of faith the mother gave her John of God pendant to her daughter who then miraculously recovered without the need for amputation.

I was then drawn to see John of God in person and have been blessed to go to Brazil three times this year. Each time I have witnessed miracles that defy expectations and have met fellow seekers from all over the world. The first visit I met a

young man from Illinois who had been given just months to live go into remission from cancer over Easter at the Casa.

Two weeks later at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival I met Juliana Benzinger, a registered respiratory therapist, who seven years ago went to the Casa with a breast cancer diagnosis. Juliana had lost seven immediate family members to breast cancer. Within the first week at the Casa she went into remission and has remained cancer free ever since. She is now a cancer coach and now takes people to the Casa for their own healing.

On my second visit I met Nancy Grace Marder of the Infinity Foundation of Chicago and her husband Dr. Benjamin Shain, a Harvard trained psychiatrist.

What made an impression on me was that this highly educated an loving couple chose to spend their annual vacations to partake of the healing energy of the Casa which they said assisted them to do their healing work in the world.

I also met a man from California, Bob Dinga, who had his sight restored from visits to John of God. Bob and his wife Diane Rose lead tours to the Casa after his miraculous recovery from near blindness.

On my third visit this December I met Marat Pashkevich, a Russian American from Atlanta, who two years ago became a quadriplegic after a tragic diving accident. His father is a neurologist and Marat had received exceptional care at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. From the beginning he never lost his vision for walking again to be able to return to competitive hockey and his many athletic activities.

The family who is open to holistic healing, journeyed with Marat to Brazil to see John of God. During his visit Marat heard a voice that instructing him to walk two miles up a hill; that would have been a physical impossibility before this visit. After this miracle, the family has returned several times to the Casa and his recovery continues to improve each time. Marat is currently writing a book to inspire others.

Recently Marybeth Moorehead of Warwick Rhode Island shared with me her three year journey of breast cancer recovery. During that time she adopted a wild cat that she says gave her the inspiration to live. The cat then came down with feline aids, but after sleeping with her John of God crystal has now gone into complete remission.

These miracles inspired within me a profound sense of gratitude to God and to all the staff at the Casa who lovingly provide a sanctuary of healing. Just recently Dr. Wayne Dyer has shared of his healing from Lupus and Leukemia after working with John of God.

For those wishing to visit John of God in Brazil, please go to for logistics of visiting the Casa and for accommodation and travel needs. We were blessed to share this energy at the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Tampa, Florida. Best selling authors Cheryl Richardson and Denise Linn experienced the energy and were delighted to wear the John of God pendants. Louise Hay also has a John of God ring.

My dear friend Terri Sarche Blanco has been working in the holistic medicine field for 35 years. She tells of miracles she has witnessed with the John of God jewelry and crystals. “I have seen a friend who has progressive MS was wheel chair bound, actually stand for the first time in seventeen years after three days of wearing a John of God blessed pendant. In my remote healing, using the John of God crystals with a woman diagnosed cervical cancer and scheduled for surgery confuse the doctors as right before the surgery her biopsies could no longer detect any cancer. There are countless other healings, miracles are no surprise to me anymore.”

The Casa stones make all other crystals they are combined with 10 times more powerful. They are excellent for feng shui, meditation and healing.

We are blessed to share this energy with the world.

Please check our website at for our 2012 show schedule as we do expos all over the world. You can also find us at at the Tucson Gem Shows: Grant Inn Room 173 and Quality Inn on Benson Highway Room 164.

(Publishers’ Note: Although we know of the Casaand the John of God crystals, and like them, the author’s opinions and assertions are his own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Metaguide Magazine. We do not counsel people to use stones or spiritual healing as a substitute for traditional medical care.)

published 1/2012

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